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By Brian T. Murray For The Star-Ledger

BURLINGTON COUNTY — Betsy died at 16 months old in a tragic accident some believe was preventable.

In keeping with a growing tradition in New Jersey, a law has been introduced in her name, dubbed “Betsy’s Law,” with the aim of avoiding similar tragedies. But in this case, the law and its inspiration does not involve a child or a crime victim.

It involves a stocky, rambunctious 89-pound Rottweiler.

“She was my baby, and I don’t want any beloved pet and their owners to suffer the way Betsy did and I did,” said Madeleine Kayser of Toms River, as she recalled how her pooch was accidentally strangled in 2007 inside a cage at a Burlington County veterinary hospital.

It happened at night, when the dog was left alone. Betsy had undergone minor surgery for an eye disorder and all had gone well, although the doctor asked to keep the dog overnight for observation, according to Kayser.

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