The Dog Files is so pleased to let you know that all five dogs from our 2nd Adoption Sunday have been placed in their forever homes or have been taken in by incredible rescue groups located along the east coast. Here’s the List.

Sherwood – Adopted
Maddy – Rescued
Benny – Adopted
Malcolm – Adopted
Molly – Rescued

Molly the pup was an extreme case. She’s spent most of her life on a concrete floor in an outside shelter. When a volunteer went to pick her up, the poor, stressed out pup bit him. She was then placed in quarantine for ten days to make sure she didn’t have rabies. Luckily she didn’t. But after the ten days the shelter determined that if she bit again, she’d be put down.

Maybe Molly knew, because she didn’t bite again.

She’s now at a rescue group were they will work with her issues before putting her up for adoption. We are so pleased to hear this!

This Sunday, May 23 we will be having Adoption Sunday #3. We really hope all you great people out there will continue to join in, help out and spread the word!

— Kenn