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Adoption Sunday

By Kenn Bell, Creator Of The Dog Files

For over a year and a half the Dog Files has been chronicling the world of dogs. Through video, articles, news and an audio podcast. And I have to say, it’s been an incredible ride so far!

But sitting on the sidelines is officially over for the Dog Files. This past week, with the help of Dog Files contributor, Melody Chen, we posted an article about six dogs in a high kill shelter in Martinez County, California. The dogs had only a few days to live.

As I usually do with our stories, I posted it to the Dog Files Facebook Page and to Twitter. And with a little help from celebrity twitter addict, Alyssa Milano, thousands of you answered the call to help. Some of you retweeted our post. Some of you sent the article to other rescue shelters. Some of you donated money to help with foster care. And some of you adopted the pups.

The Dog Files is so excited to announce that because of the hard work of the Dog Files community on our site and on Facebook and Twitter, all six pups are now safely sleeping in either their forever homes or in foster care!

When Melody and I discussed doing Adoption Sunday at the Dog Files a few week ago, I truly felt we would be doing it for months before we’d be able to save even one dog. In my farthest imagination I never thought we could possibly save all six in the first week. Heck, I still can’t believe it as I write this!

One thing I noticed was that our battle to save the six dogs really hit home with the Dog Files Community. Pardon the pun, but it seemed to humanize the dogs struggle, letting us understand their plight a little better then we had before.

Now I know that many friends of Dog Files rescue and save dogs all the time. But a larger percentage of us don’t. We love dogs and have adopted dogs but we haven’t taken that first step to actually save a dog that isn’t our own. And hey, I confess, I was one of them. Sure, I did the right thing and adopted my two hounds from shelters, but that was where it ended. I guess I believed that the awareness I help build with the Dog Files website was enough.

This past week, I learned it wasn’t enough.

So where do we go from here? Like everything I do at the Dog Files, we want to start out slow but steady. So every other Sunday on the Dog Files will now be known as Adoption Sunday. And like last week, we’ll spotlight some dogs from a high kill shelter that only have days to live.

I realize that not everyone of you can help out every single time we do this and I don’t expect you too. Finding homes for pups is a lot of hard work and even I’m trying to figure out how to handle the extra burden. But that’s what’s so great about our Social Media community! Here’s what you can do to help:

Follow @dogfiles on Twiiter and retweet our posts (like this one, hint hint).

Join the Dog Files community at and be sure to say hello to us when you do!

Tell your friends that are looking for a dog why they should adopt and not buy a dog from a pet store. Maybe even adopt from us.

Donate a little extra cash to help us get a dog out of a high kill shelter and into a foster home.

Be that foster home till we can find the dog its forever home.

Adopt one the dogs yourself and feel the joy of unconditional love that you only receive from man and woman’s best friend.

Or simply say hi and wish us good luck. We appreciate every little and big thing you can do to help.

Rescuing dogs is like sticking your thumb in one tiny leak in a giant dam to hold back the floodwaters. You feel as though you’ve saved the day until you notice many more cracks appearing all over the dam. At the same Martinez, California Shelter, on the same day that our six wonderful dogs won the lottery of life, ten other poor pups were put down.

A sobering thought indeed.

Join us to help save our greatest friend in the animal kingdom. We bred them to help us in our day to day lives. Now too many of them can only wish for a day to day life.

Give your pups a hug from us!
Kenn Bell
Dog Files Creator

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