Adoption File: Dogs In Martinez, CA

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These dogs are currently located at the Martinez, CA shelter in Contra Costa County. If you are interested in any of the dogs listed or have any additional questions please please email me here or call at 510-709-6680. Please make make you send me your phone number so we can expedite things if you want to adopt.

All available dogs have been temperament tested, this shelter does strict testing and on average only 2/10 dogs would pass. Some dogs have also been dog/dog tested.

We realize that the Dog Files is a National site. So if you aren’t in the area, please don’t think you can’t save one of our dogs. We will work with you to the best of our ability to get your doggie to you. Please open your heart to a shelter dog in need!

Sisters June & Sophie Need Your Help!

JUNE & SOPHIE – ID#A603107 & ID#A603108 – DUE TO BE EUTHANIZED 4/27!

(Above) If you want a perfect pair look no further! Sisters, June and Sophie are adorable 1 year and 7 month old Pit Bull Terriers mixes, they’ve been at the shelter since March 25, 2010 and their time is running out! As you can tell, they’re sisters and very bonded with each other. Both have passed their temperament test with flying colors as well as their dog/dog test scoring in a high B! Are you looking for a buddy? June and Sophie is waiting for you to come save them!


(Above) Isn’t he adorable? What a funny look this boy has! Flash is a gorgeous tricolor Beagle mix looking for a forever home! He is about 2 years old and have been at the shelter since April 21, 2010 but time is almost up for this poor guy. Flash is neutered and up to date on shots. Please help us get him out! Flash just wants a comfy bed and a family to call his own!


(Above) With all the dogs currently overflowing the shelter many will be overlooked, poor Zena is one of them. Zena is a beautiful 1 year old black and white Pit Bull Terrier mix. This lovely girl passed her temperament test and has been at the shelter since March 24, 2010 but time is running out! Look at her silly smile, she will make someone a great companion. Zena needs a savior!


(Above) Look at this cutie! Abe is an adorable 2 year old male brown and tan Chihuahua – Smooth Coated Terrier mix. Poor little guy has been at the shelter since April 03, 2010 and unfortunately his time is running out. Abe has passed his temperament test and is now waiting for his forever home. Just look at his unique look and proud pose! He will love to have a home to call his own and a family to share the rest of his life with!


(Above) Believe it or not Brit is actually a boy! This lovable sweetie has been at the shelter since April 10, 2010 and like many others his time is also coming to an end. Brit just LOVES to be around people and will love you to pieces. He is a brown brindle Pit Bull Terrier mix and he’s only 7 month old! Brit has passed his temperament test and is desperately waiting for his second chance at life!


  1. George says

    The pathetic thing is they pass there good character test. Thanks dog files for posting this. I have shared this link with many others. They deserve better. I would but my city Winnihell has a ban on them we are trying to drum up some support to get people to call councilors and remove this by-law because it is really stupid and hurtful. I hope the clowncillors do something and the rest of the so called dog lovers here in this toilet.

  2. says

    Because people aren't responsible enough to neuter or spay their dogs, or they breed them because they think they will make money, or they let unneutered males roam their neighborhood and procreate. Very sad. Hope we can make a little difference at the Dog Files. We'll be having Adoption Sunday every week.

    • sara says

      has nothing to do with neutering and spaying but everything to do with people not controlling their dogs. spaying and neutering has dangers and is completely unnatural. it is NOT the problem.

  3. Samantha Cameron says

    I only take rescues now and I have two. If I had more property, you can bet your sweet bullies I would take on more. I love my two bully mixes and if we had the room I would take as many on as I could. I love them so much. I just wish I could find more people who love dogs as much as I do so these precious gems could get adopted and saved. They are beautiful and wonderful dogs with hearts of gold and silver. The saying “what you give to a dog he will give you 100 fold in return” is so true.

  4. laurenehorning says

    why can't you send them on to a no kill shelter? there must be a way, you just can't kill them! please try to find them a second chance shelter, their is one in ny. state, i don't know the phone #, but i'm sure through your resources you could find out or a foster home for them might help, please try!!!!!! :(

  5. says

    And at what point in human history have we been able to talk responsibilty and sense to the public at large aand have them all listen? It goes hand in hand with spaying and neutering. If we don't do it we will never stop the problem.

  6. says

    Who is “you people”? The Dog Files isn't killing any dogs. We are trying to save them. And the minute we save these six dogs, if possible, 12 more dogs take their place. If you want shelters to not kill dogs then you have to work on creating awareness of spaying and neutering programs in you state or town. And adopt a dog or two.

  7. says

    They're at a municipal shelter. They have no choice. It's up to another shelter or rescue to step up and take them. Believe me, there is not one person at the Martinez shelter that wants to see these dogs put down, but with limited space, more dogs coming in every day, and no one stepping forward to rescue them there is little that can be done.

  8. says

    Hi Jon, small world! I think of the rescue dog world as sticking your thumb in a leak in a giant damn. No matter what you do, more cracks and holes start appearing. Spaying and neutering is the only way.

  9. laurenehorning says

    isn 't there a pitbull rescue center out there that would save them? i would take them but i live in rochester ny, and don't have the money to ship them here plus the adoption fee! so it's probally stupid of to even be mentioning this at all. i'm just so upset that those beautiful babies, who are healthy and have good temperments, that they would be put down, for no other reason except for room to keep them. don't you have an outdoor storage area or foster people that would take care of them until they found homes for them..please someone out there save these dogs! God couyld you make a miracle happen! PLEASE!!!!!!!

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