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Dog Files Dispatch Monthly Audio PodcastI am so excited to announce that the first episode of the new Dog Files Monthly Audio Podcast, Dog Files Dispatch is live and ready for you guys to listen to.

What is Dog Files Dispatch?

Dog Files Dispatch is another great way for us to bring the Dog Files Community more great, practical info from people inside the dog world.

In future episodes we’ll interview celebrities, dog trainers, dog rescuers, vets and much more.

We’ll also have panels where we discuss the latest dog news and some times we’ll even interview people that were spotlighted on the Dog Files Video Show to give you a more in depth look at their world than we can in video.

Dog Files Dispatch Ep. 1:

johnny oOur first episode features Johnny O, one of the founding members of rescue group, Rescue Ink, which was featured on their own television show on the National Geographic Channel.

We also interview Dog Files friend and columnist, Nadine M. Rosin, author of The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood about holistic ways to help your pooch.

How can you listen to Dog Files Dispatch?

The best way to listen is to subscribe on iTunes. Here’s the web link: Dog Files Dispatch on iTunes. From there, you can click on the “name” to hear the podcast in your web browser or click. “View In iTunes” to open iTunes and subscribe so you won’t missed a single episode.

Or simply listen to the player below.