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Military personnel at Malmstrom Air Force base gathered today to say goodbye to one of their own.

Kajo, a german shepherd part of the 341st Security Forces Squadron passed away in March.

After the military working dogs responded to an alarm at the armory, handlers noticed that Kajo was ill, and a vet found that cancer had spread through the dog’s body.

Kajo was honored today in a ceremony similar to that of an active-duty member.

Because so much time is spent training for patrol, drug detection, and other missions, a strong bond develops between a dog and its handler.

Kajo will be remembered by his handlers as a hardworking dog, great at taking down suspects, and just being an overall rock star.

It could be awhile before a replacement for Kajo joins the military working dog section. It took two years for the squadron to get Susie, the latest addition to the team, and the dog that is now under the care of Kajo’s former handler.

Kajo’s remains were given to the kennel master, and will be placed alongside other military working dogs that have passed away on base.