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From The Website:

PENNSYLVANIA — Dogs Deserve Better’s Tamira Thayne and volunteers visited dogs left chained outside in Pennsylvania during the coldest night of the year, 7 degrees with a wind chill of -11. After helping two underweight chained dogs, both with inadequate shelter, by providing them with straw, food, and water, and returning three days later in a second attempt to speak to the caretakers, she was charged with defiant trespass.

Trouble with that is, she was only screamed at to leave one time, the second time she was attempted to speak to someone. Defiant Trespass requires the person to be told to leave once and they in essence defy this request.

The caretaker is lying by claiming that Thayne was told to leave twice. This is completely false, and Thayne has a witness. Will that be enough for a Pennsylvania courtroom? That remains to be seen, February 16th at 9:30 in the Portage, PA district court on main street.

Can you come out to support Thayne and the rights of chained dogs to warmth, adequate shelter, and human companionship?

If you’re a Pennsylvania resident, PLEASE sign up for our coalition for a law against chaining dogs. Five minutes of your time will save them from a lifetime of misery. Join today at http://www.unchainpadogs.com