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From MailOnline.com

Oscar is a dog without equal. This year, he travelled across an incredible five continents, 29 countries and stopped off everywhere from the Eiffel Tower to the Taj Mahal.

He was rescued from a South African kennel by Joanne Lefson, who is half-British, five years ago. In May the pair began an epic journey hoping to inspire millions to help save his fellow canines living as strays on the streets. After dodging crocodile-infested rivers, walking on the Great Wall of China and escaping Italian police, Oscar finally finished his tour last week.

The £250,000 six-month trip – which Joanne funded by selling her home – also took in an amazing 15,000 shelter dogs and more than 50 charity-run rescue centres. On their worldwide travels, Joanne and Oscar also handed out 15,000 dog leads to needy hounds donated by the parcel company UPS.

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