By Erika Adolphus For

Some Central Georgia Girl Scouts are working to send a little bit of home to some four-legged troops deployed overseas.

Troop 60667 worked to make care packages for U.S. Military working dog teams in combat zones.

A team includes both the dog and its handler.

The special canines are trained as scouts, trackers, sentries, and in many other important ways to protect human soldiers.

The girls made care packages with things the dogs need and a few treats to brighten their holiday. The Macon Police Department K-9 unit and about 40 other people and organizations donated items for the packages.

Officer Ryan Willis with the Macon Police Department K-9 Unit says the packages are important for both the dogs and their handlers.

“They’re a team, and that bond is there,” he says. “These treats, these toys, these brushes, all this stuff right here is stuff that strengthens that bond, so it’s a very important noble cause, something we can all pitch in and help out doing this time.”

The scouts will accept donations until December 4th.