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With cooler weather upon us, many dog owners are taking advantage of dog parks, bringing their dogs out to socialize and romp. recently released their list of the top ten dog parks in the United States, and this is no easy task, considering dog parks have become more popular in a lot of major cities around the country!

To find the best of the best, Petside took several things into consideration, including amenities, specific activities offered by the parks, hours of operation, and the cost of entry (if any).

The top ten parks as named by Petside are:

1. Point Isabel Dog Park in Richmond, CA. Its wide range of free-of-charge activities as well as its breathtaking scenery put this park at the #1 spot on the list. The park offers swimming, hiking, fishing, and birdwatching as well as a humans-welcome pet cafe on site.

2. Dog Wood Dog Park in Jacksonville, Florida. This park has 25 acres (!!) of fenced play area where dogs can swim, play Frisbee in designated fields, dig in sand piles, and romp with park-provided toys. There is also a designated small dog area as well as one for children and dogs. This park isn’t free though — dues are $289 annually, though day passes are available.

3. Jackson’s Howabaloo Dog Park in Edinboro, Pennsylvania. This park features swimming, hiking, a play area just for special needs dogs, and has unique amenities such as weather shelters. Dues are $269 annually, and monthly and daily passes are available.

4. Fort Woof in Fort Worth, Texas. This well-lit park caters to pet owners who might have a late work schedule — it’s open until 11:30 pm nightly! Admission is free, and the park hosts fun annual events such as “Barktoberfest.”

5. Shaggy Pines Dog Park in Ada, Michigan. This park offers jogging and hiking trails, a swimming pond and play areas for different sized dogs. There is also a coffee bar and lounge for the humans. Membership fees starts at $256 per year.

6. Bea Arthur Dog Park in Norfolk, VA. Though small (1 acre), the Bea Arthur Dog Park boasts 24/7 access! This free park includes water stations, a toy bin, and swimming with ramp access. Owners will enjoy the shaded picnic area and the scenic view.

7. Tompkins Square Dog Run in New York, NY. One of the first dog parks opened in New York City, Tompkins Square was renovated last year and now offers small and large dog areas, three pools for dogs to cool off in, free tennis balls, and seating for owners. This free park is open 6 a.m. to midnight.

8. Ossining Dog Park in Westchester, NY. This two acre park features separate big and small dog areas, a doggie drinking fountain, poop bag stations and seating areas. With its sloping landscape and a dog “playground” with boulders for climbing, this park is especially good for dog exercise. Free and open 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

9. Rocky Top Dog Park in Kingston, NJ. The Rocky Top Dog Park sits on just over two acres and has a swimming pond for dogs, a separate small dog area, and evening lighting for those staying late (open until 9 p.m.). The park also hosts events such as puppy play groups and small dog socials. Use is restricted for non-members, and membership fees start at $306 a year, but monthly passes are available for just $25.50.

10. Happy Tails Dog Park in Plantation, FL. Happy Tails offers five acres for dog play with three separate fenced areas. Poop bags are provided, as well as water access. Benches are supplied for owners to watch the fun. The park is free, but does not have night lighting, so it closes at dusk.