Man Shoots Attacking Dog…Was He Justified?

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Man shoots attacking dog at Rocky River Metropark
Posted by Donna J. Miller/Plain Dealer Reporter December 30, 2008 20:09PM

A Metroparks visitor carrying a concealed gun fatally shot a rottweiler that attacked his leashed dog at Tyler Field off Valley Parkway.

Rangers spokeswoman Dianna Kall said this is what happened about 3:30 p.m. Saturday:

The armed man was walking his Labrador on a leash when the leashed rottweiler broke free from its owner and attacked. The two dog owners tried to separate the dogs. When pulling and kicking failed, the Labrador owner shot the rottweiler dead.

Rangers collected statements from the two men and five witnesses. They said the man with the guy was carrying it legally. Concealed carry is allowed in the Metroparks. Park Prosecutor Joe Feighan will decide whether charges will be filed.

The Labrador is recovering from its injuries.

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  1. says

    It's a tough call, but if left no other choice, I would rather see my dog live than die. Also, their is no telling what would have happened to me once the Rott decided to attack me rather than the dog. This entire situation is terrible but the results from the case and whether they decide to press charges on the man who shot the dog will be interesting.

  2. Gap0673 says

    the owner of the Rottie is at fault for not controlling his dog properly. I have a Rottie and I am very careful when I walk him in different areas. I KEEP CONTROL OF MY DOG AT ALL TIMES!

  3. Amtraynort says

    It is sad situation…I do not justify the killing of any animal, however, it was the Rotties owner who should have had control of his dog. The lab owner was protecting his dog…so it was self defense.
    I know if anything (or anyone for that matter) attacked any of my dogs…it would end very badly for the other side. Feel sorry for the loss of the Rottie..I sure he was loved. Note to everyone…it is YOUR responsibility to socialize & train your dog & REMEMBER…you may treat you dog like a family member, BUT they are animals with animal instincts, & there will come times when their instincts will win.

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